Kenny Wong

is a Lecturer in the College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture at the University of Arizona. He is also coordinator for the Housing Equity Lab of the Drachman Institute and was previously the Assistant Director of Design Research at cityLAB UCLA.

He holds a Master of Architecture (MArch) and Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) from UCLA.

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Green New Wave

The Green New Wave proposes a transformative infrastructural development incorporating the Orange Bus Rapid Transit Line in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. Situated within Metro’s transportation right-of-way, the project consolidates and leverages publicly-owned land and facilities to position the Valley for growth in a future shaped by climate change and increasing demands on water infrastructure.

It establishes a layered development extending nearly two miles along Victory Boulevard, creating an innovative and ambitiously-programmed infrastructure-scaled development. Simultaneous providing management for stormwater runoff and treatment for water reclamation, the project extends and lifts the adjacent park with a planted surface, cresting like a wave, over a new strand of mixed-use DNA injected into the existing urban fabric. The crucial management of potable water and wastewater augments the city’s capacity for continued growth in harmony with investments in public transportation and public systems of infrastructure.

The Green New Wave reimagines the interface between the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area, a crucial regional and infrastructural open space, and its surrounding suburban fabric, with an eye towards Los Angeles’ new climate future. It forms an architecture where density, public transportation, living, working, and community come together to create a new idea of the city.

Project designed with Haoyu Chen, Liyao Chen, and Siqi Zhang.
AUD Research Studio 2019, Studio Critic: Roger Sherman

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